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Mindray DP-50 Diagnostic Ultrasound Unit

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Ultrasounds for your Pregnancy Centers.


Digital Imaging System in a Portable and Affordable Design


The DP-50 is engineered to meet the needs of a Pregnancy Center to get all the information needed with an innovative high performance compact B&W system. Its high speed processing power provides outstanding image quality and the excellent features and easy operations make the DP-50 the most valuable and affordable ultrasound in its market for OB Ultrasound. It’s light compact and battery operated design enables users to perform ultrasound exams at a variety of locations and settings.

Advanced Imaging Technology

In addition to the standard TGC, focus, dynamic range, zoom, frame rate and other functions, the DP-50 features the state-of-art imaging quality to clear out artifacts and enhance the image.

  • • Dynamic Beam Forming
  • • I Beam Spatial Compounding Imaging
  • • Clear Speckle Reduction Imaging
  • • (THI) Tissue Specific Imaging on all probes
  • • (TSI) Tissue Specific Imaging
  • • Colorized Map to change gray scale to different colors.
  • • Adjustable FOV with extra wide selections

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Advance Transducers Optimizes the Image Quality:


Endocavity Micro Convex Array Probe (5 -8.5 MHz)
Curve Array Trans Abdominal Probe (2-6 MHz)

  • • High Sensitivity, wide band transducers
  • • Multi-frequency, up to 4 imaging frequencies in each transducer
  • • Wide Scan scanning angle for 2nd Trimester Imaging


Exceptional Ergonomics and High Productivity by Design

  • • iTouch: single button image optimization
  • • iZoom: enables enlargement of the image without loss of resolution
  • • Simple OB calculation package
  • • Backlit control panel
  • • Compact and light weight
  • • 15” high definition LCD, tilt display

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Post Cini Capture, Review and Measure

  • • Save up to 12 seconds of previous images in motion
  • • Allows for post measurement, size, review and additional images
  • • Allows for post processing

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Complete Information and Data Management
in the Image Review Station (iStation)

320 G integrated hard disk for storage of more than 100,000 still images. Will store basic patient information, exam information, image files and reports. You can search, view, backup send, restore or delete data in iStation.

  • • Image review and analysis
  • • Report Management
  • • iVision


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Li-ion Battery and Network Connections
for Transferring files and Reports.


  • • Li-ion Battery, endurance time: >120 minutes
  • • USB Ports for sending information
  • • Network connections

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Options and Accessories:


  • • Mobile Carts
  • • Sony UP- Printer


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Exceptional Service and Support

Mindray is a global medical world leader in technology with more than 6,000 employees and centers in three continents. Mindray offers the medical community a range of innovative solutions designed to contain costs while ensuring the highest quality for patient care. The Mindray DP-50 comes with a 24 month warranty .

Shari Richard, RDMS, Founder of Sound Wave Images is networking with National Sales reps to provide affordable, technically advanced ultrasound systems. Shari has led the way with ultrasound, as she pioneered and established the first medical ultrasound center and training curriculum in 1990. Specialized in onsite ultrasound consulting, educational training and sales, We are dedicated to provide quality service and support for your Pregnancy Center.

On Line or In House Applications


Shari Richard, RDMS from Sound Wave Images can supply on line applications for using the system. You may also choose to contract her for 2- 5 Day on site training of your choice of applications, refresher course or Limited OB Training. For more information view the video clip, visit www.unborn.com or call Sound Wave Images at 800-364-4942

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